📕Usecase of javascript in Industry

🤷‍♂️Javascript is one of the most popular languages used in the software industry nowadays. In this article, I am going to tell you about the use case of javascript language in today's industry. So let’s start off with our article on the use case of javascript in the industry…


According to a survey conducted by Javascript ecosystem they have found the percentage-wise use case of javascript in various industries. The top industries which are using Javascript are given below:

  • finance: 7%
  • advertising and marketing: 5%
  • education: 5%
  • entertainment: 5%
  • business support and logistics: 4%
  • healthcare: 4%
  • retail: 3%
  • government: 2%
  • manufacturing: 2%

Javascript ranks 2nd in the most demanded languages used by developers since 2017 as we can see below:

How major companies are using Javascript:


Microsoft uses javascript to build its edge browser which comes by default with Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft has really embraced NodeJS. They support Node on the Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft has also developed a version of Node for Internet Of Things(IoT) applications. NodeJS is great for IoT because it’s lightweight and efficient.


Paypal was the earliest adopter of the Javascript framework NodeJS.Their account overview page was made using NodeJs So we can see our account on PayPal running on the top of the Node JS framework.


We are most probably aware of the fact that Facebook uses Javascript but how much javascript facebook uses, to see that Try disabling javascript in your browser you will not be able to log in to Facebook. This shows the amount of javascript used by Facebook. Facebook also created a framework ReactJS for their applications. Facebook uses React on Facebook.com as well as Instagram and WhatsApp.

so these are the use-case of javascript in the different tech industries. Now my article comes to an end. Meet you in the next article.

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